ECOMM - Conferência Europeia sobre Gestão da Mobilidade. 3 a 5 de Junho de 2020 em Cascais. Prolongado até 10 de Janeiro o prazo para submissão de Propostas de Apresentação.

ECOMM - Conferência Europeia sobre Gestão da Mobilidade. 3 a 5 de Junho de 2020 em Cascais. Prolongado até 10 de Janeiro o prazo para submissão de Propostas de Apresentação.

ECOMM Call for Papers 2020

Dear reader,

The Municipality of Cascais, together with EPOMM, proudly announces the opening of the Call for Presentations for the 23rd European Conference on Mobility Management – ECOMM 2020, which will take place in Cascais, Portugal, from the 3rd of June to the 5th of June 2020.

The deadline for submission is:
Friday, 10 January 2020, at 23:59 CET

Submission is electronic, via the submission site. Detailed information on the Call for Presentations is available on the ECOMM 2020 website (under construction) or directly here.

NEW in 2020

This year´s ECOMM also facilitates a number of 1,5-hour invited sessions, formatted as discussion panels, standard sessions, workshops or other special interactive sessions on a particular subject closely related to the ECOMM 2020 topics. Each invited session should include 3-5 presentations with different speakers, coming from at least three different institutions or countries. The applicant of an invited session is assumed to organize and chair it and signs fully responsible for a high-quality session. The proposal for an invited session can only be submitted via e-mail. If you are interested in hosting an invited session, please download the application form here and send your proposal to until Friday, 17th of January 2020, 23:59 CET.

Main theme of ECOMM 2020

The main theme of ECOMM 2020 is “New Mobility…New Realities for People and Cities… OUTRA VEZ!”. New technical possibilities, demographic trends and changing consumer behaviour are all putting traditional notions of mobility to the test. Consumers are demanding new, integrated mobility offers. At the same time, people’s traditional mobility patterns are being questioned. In order to overcome some of the most prominent challenges and to be able to move fast forward to smart and sustainable societies, the ECOMM 2020 conference wants to actively encourage the debate on new mobility solutions at European level.

Main Topics

Presentations at ECOMM 2020 should refer to one of the following topics, all related to the main theme of the conference “New Mobility…New Realities for People and Cities… OUTRA VEZ!”:

  • Topic 1 - MaaS, Mobility as a Service: A New Transport Model
  • Topic 2 - Circular Economy and shared economy: Mobility as a Business?
  • Topic 3 - The Future of Mobility: Disruptive Technologies Create New Realities
  • Topic 4 - How to “Nudge” People into New Mobility Thinking and behavior
  • Topic 5 - New Mobility – An Opportunity for Urban and Rural Regeneration
  • Topic 6 - Inequalities – Mobility Management as a tool for social inclusion

Please find more detailed information and the full Call for Presentations 
Please find the application form for an invited session for download here.

We are sure that your presentations will provide ECOMM 2020 with a lot of inspiring visions and practical solutions for your mobility management undertakings! Let us all together look forward to a unique fruitful conference in the lively and vibrant city of Cascais….OUTRA VEZ!

We wish you all the best and we look forward to your contributions and your presence in Cascais for the 23rd ECOMM on the 3rd to the 5th of June 2020.

Best regards,
EPOMM and the ECOMM 2020 organization team.